And so this is Christmas

Sunday, December 12, 2021 by Therese Porter | Uncategorized

Hello and a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to you all!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting the first concert since the unprecedented lockdowns which sent us all into such a surreal head space!!

Once again we could share and connect with MUSIC!

Room 20 in E. Glendalough School was very well ventilated as it has an entire wall of windows and an enormous exit door which were wide open, so we felt practically outdoors, and happily the weather was milder than it has been this last while...perhaps Santa took care of that?

We kicked off with a performance of Rudolph from the kids in Junior Musicianship Class which most certainly revealed the benefits of the class! Yes, that was a shameless promotion, and I hope we have more in the class signing up in January ♥ Then we were treated to some very polished performances, the last of which came from one of our advanced (been in the school many years!) Cuan O'Mara who dazzled us with a flawless performance and I know he inspired the other students! He had me in tears! 

There is still time to perform today at 3:00pm.  You can just come along, no need to register! Keith will be MC as I will be busy in St. Stephens' Green Shopping centre....singing as one of Santa's Elves!!!

A very special invitation!

A few months ago I got an email with the subject title, Santa Sings.  I thought it was spam, so I deleted. Then it came in again from another address, so I deleted it; but a few days later it came AGAIN! This time, I read it and it said Santa chose ME to work for him as an Elf to help raise money for Charities that help Children.  Wow! ME!?  He had attached an MP4 recorded in the North Pole of him SINGING!!!  He said I could choose the Charity! I can't tell you what it feels like to be chosen to represent the big guy and help spread his message of unconditional love, kindness and tolerance! Since then a client who is a business man has come forward with help to produce the CD single which he is selling to raise the funds for Variety - The Children's Charity

He also supplied the presents from Santa for each one of our students who played in the concert.

The CD and gifts will be there today at 3:00 so I hope you can stop in.

Therese has sent you the schedule of dates for my appearances, and the link to buy the CD online is:

Once again, I wish you all a very warm, loving and magical Christmas Holiday




and Santa!!

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