Our new Musical Theatre course is for ages 12 years+ 

Currently this course is waiting list only. Please contact us for 2023 applications.

We have an exciting new Musical Theatre course this year.  This course will build confidence in stage acting and vocal expression.  Activities and exercises are designed to draw out the individual in a safe, nurturing, and happy environment.  The course provides an opportunity for participants to learn techniques that preserve the voice and develop natural resonance across all of the individual vocal range.  It will provide practical training to prepare for the Leaving Certificate Practical Voice and for 3rd level courses in the Performing Arts.

This course is most suitable for ages 12 and above.  No audition is required, but a consult will be requested prior to commencement.  The show will run in May as part of the new WSMD Concert Festival weekend of May 28th-29th, 2022.

Musical Theatre commences Friday, October 1st 2021.  It starts at 6:00pm and continues to 7:30pm each Friday in the Newcastle Parish Centre Hall.  All dates are inclusive of secondary school academic year breaks.

Fees:  Group size up to 6 cast members, with a minimum of 3 participants @ €25 per 90 minute class.  29 weeks for the full course.  Students on this course can avail of our monthly Standing Order payment option which spreads payment over 8 months. Please contact us for more details. 

Course content

Due to the remaining uncertainty around the lockdown status going into the cold season, the school has developed a course that works in small groups on scene preparation to the following curriculum.  Note: scene choices are notified on application.  Students will get a digital course booklet as outlined for each segment.

Segment One – 6 weeks (Oct 1st to Nov 12th)

Learning to talk the walk: stage maneuvers and terminology

Musical Theatre Studies requires a knowledge of physical stage work, from entering and exiting with the presence of your character, awareness of audience perspective and navigating the stage map, use of head mics and stage etiquette.  Our venue has a fully equipped stage, ideal for such training.

Vocal resonance work will accompany this segment as it is a slow progression and needs continuous attention.  Depending on the size of the group, participants will work in pairs so that each individual gets one to one on voice tailored to their specific voice type.

Members of the class will learn in all roles from the scene.  If necessary some boys will take female roles, and vice versa.  

Segment Two – 6 weeks (Nov 19th to Jan 7th)


Added to stage work is the art of acting the text. We get our script and we really chew over its meaning, the character study and applying it to active stage work.  Voice coaching continues.

Segment Three – 6 weeks (Jan 14th to Feb 18th)

Rehearsal Clinics

During this time, the students will be filmed and will work with mirrors to gain an insight into how their faces and bodies appear on stage.  They will start work with an accompanist for sung dialogue and show tunes.

Stage work, monologuing, vocal coaching will all continue and combine with rehearsal clinics where each scene is worked in small segments to refine all aspects of the production.

Segment Four – 7 weeks (Mar 4th to April 29thth)

Bringing it all together

This segment focus is all about stitching up loose ends and all aspects of previous segments get continued attention.

Segment Five– 4 weeks (May 6th to May 29th)

Show time!

Scene rehearsal is refined in the run up to the dress rehearsal two weeks prior to the show date (May 20th, 2022), and full dress with makeup/costumes, sound and props a week prior to the show (May 27th).  It is during this segment that course participants are expected to know all lines and song lyrics from memory.


Meet the tutor - KERRY ANDERSON

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