Please ensure that you have read and understand the Terms of Service and School Policy Statement included below before agreeing to purchase tuition and signing the registration form.  

You can access the Registration form at the end of the page.

TERMS OF SERVICE – Protocol and Procedures


Firstly, your enrolment is for the full academic year, payable in advance by term, subject to this year's special offers. Payment to WICKLOW SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA MUST be made by Bank Transfer or by monthly Standing Order.  Bank details are as follows:

Bank:  Bank of Ireland            Sort Code: 90 67 34            A/C no.: 81057622

A/C name: Wicklow School of Music & Drama

BIC: BOFIIE2D            IBAN: IE56 BOFI 9067 3481 0576 22

Please ensure the student name is used as a bank deposit reference.

Understandably some students must withdraw but fees paid are not refundable unless a teacher has failed to provide the lessons or a doctor’s note is provided.   In these cases, the school will either credit the account or issue a refund if a student is NOT returning. Where fees for the year have been paid up front and in full, any reimbursement will reflect deductions for registration and concert fees.  This does not affect your statutory rights. The School will not be liable for any failures or delays in the provision of its services due to circumstances outside of its control; however, we will make all reasonable efforts. 

Please note that specific terms and conditions can apply to promotional offers.

We advise parents to give careful consideration to withdrawal after one term as it can represent a waste of time, energy and money for that period of time.  The study of music is challenging and does not happen overnight (see COMMITMENT).  Please note that if your child is withdrawing from his/her lessons, a month’s notice must be given in writing to the school administrator.  The school reserves the right to charge your account if insufficient notice is given.

The school cannot guarantee a place with the same teacher at the same time/day as the previous term.

Regrettably the school cannot guarantee the same teacher and lesson time/day for your study every September.  This is because many teachers experience a change in their teaching or professional contracts making it difficult to keep everything static.  Parents and students often require adjustments too.

The school will send notice of enrolment via email and/or SMS so please make sure we have this information on your application form.  The date for pre-enrolment is announced approximately by the end of May.  PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE AFTER PRE-ENROLMENT DATES ARE GIVEN.  IT CONTAINS ALL THE DETAILS ABOUT CHANGES TO STAFF, COURSES AND FEES.  

Currently enrolled clients are given priority but even so it is pre-enrolment that will secure your place, PROVIDED YOUR PREVIOUS TEACHER AND LESSON TIME/DAY ARE AVAILABLE!

To enrol please lodge €100 deposit to our account and complete an electronic Registration form.  The deposit is non-refundable (unless we are unable to provide lessons in that instrument/course) but will be deducted from your term fees.


The school’s administrator is Therese Porter.  You can contact Therese on 086 326 5820 or  If you cannot attend a class, please call or email your tutor first and then the office.  Tutors mark attendance and if a child is absent without explanation for 2 consecutive weeks, the office will contact you to investigate.  The school database has records of all owed classes and you will receive a statement from the school in the new term showing credits.

Please be aware that the School reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absence, disciplinary issues, overdue payments or non-compliance with any of our policies. 


The school takes your decision to enrol your child for music education classes very seriously.  With that decision we understand that you the parent/student undertake to work hard between lessons, use the School's software to log practise; to avail of theory classes and to prepare for the workshops and performances scheduled by the school for the benefit of its students.  Each lesson starts with a review of practice as logged in the portal. 

The school concerts: These are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS AND CONFIDENCE.  There are two presentation concerts per year in Summer and at Christmas.  Students should attend and/or participate in monthly concert workshops which will now run online until further notice.  These must be reserved as there are limited places.  These concerts are charged at the new, reduced rate of €5 per term, unless waived by the office as part of an annual tuition plan.

Parents of young children (7 years and up) are expected to commit their time to oversee practice, to take part in some or all lessons, and to liaise often with the teacher about progress issues.

Your registration will include LOGIN for MyMusicStaff, through which you will liaise with your tutor and the school office.  Use this to correspond about practice and scheduling.  Tutors will send you assessments and other miscellaneous data relevant to the tuition.


 1.PAYMENT: - Tuition is sold on a per term basis to secure wages for contract staff*.  No places will be offered until a €100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is made.  The school will NOT accept payment by any other method than Bank Transfer/Standing Order/ Secure Payment Credit Card, CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.  Please  reference your lodgement with the student name when using bank transfer; OR if lodging in the bank branch directly, send us your lodgement reference number via email.  Students who withdraw are only reimbursed with a doctor’s note; otherwise credits are issued on a case by case assessment. 

We have a Monthly Standing Order payment option available which is based on enrolment for the year (or second term if starting in January).  The Standing Order is subject to a 5% surcharge to cover the associated bank charges that we incur.   

2. ABSENCE: - The school is under no obligation to make up or reimburse lessons missed by the student.  Lessons missed by a tutor will be either made up by the tutor in the event of a scheduled absence by prior arrangement, or a substitute will be provided without notice, if the tutor  is taken ill or unexpectedly called away.  Note that if a tutor  reschedules either on-site or for online, and the student cancels less than 24 hours before the reschedule time, the lesson will not be credited.  If in the event a lesson is not made up before the end of term two, it will be credited toward the following academic year or reimbursed the following September.  This is due to the requirement of paperwork and the closure of the office during the summer.

*IMPORTANT* Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, any student displaying symptoms of illness cannot proceed with on-site tuition. Under such circumstances, a teacher or student with symptoms of illness MUST default to online tuition unless they are incapacitated. This default to online tuition will also apply in the event the government places the nation or the County under lockdown.  As this is out of our control, our policy below will apply.

*SAFETY*:  The tutors and students engaged in on-site tuition depend on the integrity of all to declare any interaction with large indoor gatherings between lessons.  Use of hand sanitiser OR vigorous hand washing and use of masks is mandatory.  

In the event of severe weather conditions, the school will endeavour, if possible, to make up 50 per cent of missed classes due to closed or unsafe road conditions, on the basis that neither we nor you, have control over these conditions.  The School will not be liable for any other failures or delays in the provision of its services due to circumstances outside of its control; however, we will make all reasonable efforts.

We are not able to accept a half-term subscription as this represents a significant financial loss to the tutor, so we ask that you give adequate notice if you are withdrawing from Term 2 lessons in order to accommodate our waiting lists*.

** The School is closed on all Bank Holidays so Students scheduled for lessons on Mondays will not be charged for Bank Holidays.**If St. Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday falls on a teaching day it will NOT be sold, but tutors and students have the option to use that day to make up a class missed by the tutor if needed. **

3. CHILD SAFETY: The Wicklow School of Music & Drama will not take any responsibility for pupils until they have been handed over to the tutor in person at the commencement of each lesson (inside the school premises).  The children must be collected at the end of each lesson from the designated waiting area.  Parents are asked to be punctual as this area is unsupervised and Tutors ARE NOT responsible for supervising children outside of teaching time.  All Contracted Tutors have an open-door policy entitling parents to sit in on lessons.  Tutors are vetted and the School has its GDPR policy on the website.  All Tutors have a copy of the school’s Child Safety Policy

By signing the REGISTRATION FORM you agree to abide by the terms set out in this document and to having your details added to our mailing/distribution lists/WhatsApp group (Musical Theatre students only) so we can keep you updated on school activities. Your number may be visible to others when added to a WhatsApp group (M.T.students).

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