These workshops are great!

  Wednesday, May 4, 2022 by Therese Porter | Spring Newsletter

Song writing is EASY! 

Eoin Fallon delivered a 1-2-3 easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy 'how to' workshop on Songwriting last Saturday.   When he played the chords that form the basis of about a million popular songs, the one that jumped out of my head was Let It Be by The Beatles.  There is a rudimentary recipe, which if you follow it, you cannot go wrong!  Like all creative processes, song writing basics are a gateway or as Eoin put it, a painter's palette to musical expression.  

There is yet another workshop lined up for May and it is all about HOW TO PRACTISE!  I really would like to see most of you attend this one!  

There are methods and techniques which lead to efficient, effective learning.   Techniques that can create a flowing, flawless performance.  I hope you will join me on Saturday May 21st at 2pm in EGS, room 20 for this very interesting and helpful support to our body of work at the school.

We also have concerts that same weekend.  You can find the times and days on your student portal.  Did you know you can also access your account details and online resources including lesson notes!

I have asked all of my students to print their notes and create a booklet for the summer.  That's right, another strategy on how to practise...

There will be more news to follow about our Summer Charity Event to raise finds for a disabled child AND a survey from the school to parents about the September term.

You will also see end of year assessments on your portal in late May.   These are guidelines for summer work and plans for continued study in the 4th quarter of this year.

See you at the

 next workshop!

Best wishes til then,

Kerry and the team.

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