Kerry is a professional singer under the stage name of Kerry Simone.  
She has a BMus Ed from The Sydney Conservatorium and an MA in Professional Voice Practice from Birmingham City University in the UK.      

You can see samples of her own work on her YouTube channel:

Kerry Simone Anderson


Vocal Coaching with KERRY ANDERSON covers a range of services.  Kerry consults with actors, to assist in accent coaching; and to develop resonance, and articulation toning as well as those wishing to develop their singing ability. The prospective student will need a consultation before commencing training.

 'A voice is a person, and a person is a voice'  Clear, expressive phonation begins with speech. To achieve results in any discipline, clients must be prepared for a journey of self discovery.  The premise being that all of us are unique, and coaching will guide you to an understanding of the ways you can develop your unique voice.  Your initial consultation will be to discuss your reasons for wanting the service; your current knowledge of vocal coaching; your tastes and your aspirations.  An assessment of speech will uncover potential pathology in which case a medical assessment may be required. 

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