Edelweiss dancing and Acting monologue

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Hello girls and boys !!

We are all adapting to making our short 3 minute videos of our performances and they are a delight to do and watch! Rosie and I were howling with laughter at our last attempts at the Austrian dance. However we kept a straight face during our performance.It was also a welcome distraction during the day to search for costume items and to paint our faces!  Please send the videos directly from your phone to Kerry or me or Clare on Whatsapp which is much easier and quicker than wetransfer.

It's fabulous to see you perform and we would love you all to take part.

So your task for the next two weeks is as follows : 1. Listen to Edelweiss on your backing track that Clare gave you or find it on youtube. Listen to it a few times with your eyes closed and allow your mind to imagine how you would dance to this piece which is a very gentle song. Clare spoke at the last class about the timing of this piece. Please have a read of the email that is sent to you that discusses the timing and movement of Edelweiss. Think of where the song is performed and by whom- by Captain Von Trapp at the concert and also with the children and Maria. It was written by  Rodgers and Hammerstein -the  composers of the musical -and i was meant to sound like folk song and expresses the singers love of the land that is Austria.

Please wear something white and remember this is a simple folk song. Have fun making your video.

2. I thought you would like to try working on a few different musicals for a while, if you've always wanted to play the lead (which is the main character of the story ) here is your chance ! Choose from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Mary Poppins, Aladin, Oliver, The Lion King, Annie ....to name but a few, so find one of the lead characters in any musical and look for a section when he/she is speaking with someone, which is called the dialogue or a section when they are only speaking this is callled a monologue. You could google monologues from childrens musicals . Next learn the piece and present it to the camera with some hand movement and some  facial expressions as needed. This will help to make the character come alive; maybe find an item for them to hold called a prop...for example an umbrella, or a golden ticket...try not to stand there doing nothing ...Also find out as much as you can about the character, because when you are playing a characer /acting - it really helps you,  to know what it feels like to BE that character, or to be in their shoes. Find out their hopes and wishes, things they are scared of, what kind of family do they live in? What do they do every day? Find out as much as you can. If you choose a dialogue then just get the person filming you to say the other person's words/lines  quietly to you so you can carry on the conversation as it's written and video it like that!

Then present your monologue or dialogue in a 3 mins max video in costume :)  

Please send the two videos to us before May 1st which is the  date of the next class. Goodluck and Enjoy yourself ! 

It's competition time!

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Here's an example of the lighter side of lock-down, and the wonderful capabilities of technology today! Ex student of the school, Alec Oscar-Peterson Braswell and his mate Danny-Django-Reinhard Bradley making great use of the time and tech!  Entire symphonic works are being created this way, which is such a glowing testimony to human innovation.  There is hope for the world to overcome this challenge peacefully and come out the other side with beneficial change.

So now if you would like to enter our competition, just name the tune and the composer!  Send your answers to us via email:



Facebook (wicklowschoolmusic) OR twitter (@wwmusicdrama)

The prize is a Tesco Voucher worth 30 euro and will be drawn on Friday May 1st 2020

Good luck!

'Coping with Covid' Musical Theatre Update - the show (and rehearsals) must go on!

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Well hello again,

What a crazy old time this is! It's not all bad for those of us who are not suffering symptoms, or indeed worrying about loved ones needing intensive care.  

Just on the phone to a friend who runs a tennis school and he admits, with paint brush in hand, that he'd have never gotten the time to do the maintenance he's pushing out in the Wicklow sunshine!

So to business.  The online classes are going very well in view of the sudden shift.  WhatsApp has been fabulous for my piano students, and Skype is the best for voice students.  I am delighted to see the practise zone for pianists at home, as many seats needed adjustment.  They are often too high, or low or close to the keys.  PARENTS HAVE BEEN AWESOME, with all the needed support.   A big thank you!

Musical theatre virtual classes begin this Friday, April 3rd with Crowdcast.  Students will get a URL and password via an email invitation.

Here is the assignment for this week's session:

At the moment we aim to get the children up and performing again ...this time on a short 3 minute video that you make at home and can send to the school.
We shall watch beforehand and discuss and watch the performances on Friday during the Crowdcast class online- you will be sent an email inviting you to attend ! We hope to also run some drama exercises and games and sing some songs in class too.
These are strange times and we are all having to adapt!
For the video: We thought that the children might enjoy playing different characters so they now have the choice to prepare a song and some lines from ANY CHARACTER in the Sound of Music .
Things to do:
*Decide which character you would like to be- if you could be anyone at all in the play!
*Find that characters song on the backing track
*Find their lines in the script
* put the lines and song together for your video
*find costumes at home (scarves/hats/dress/suit ) to wear in video
*Decide and practice the movement -
/dance for that character
Please note this is a fun experimental exercise, don’t get too worried about costume but do try to think about expressing the characters feelings through their dance/movement.
*Remember your hands and face are the most expressive parts of your body when acting
* practice in a mirror in costume before filming
* laugh and have fun !!


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