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With over 21 years of operations, the school offers it's locality and online community music tuition to young and old, beginners to advanced.  Whether you want to learn music for your own enjoyment and/or mental stimulation, offer your child a well rounded education or nurture a burgeoning talent, we will guide you along your journey.  To arrange online course delivery, contact the office for a Skype consultation.

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Musicianship Classes

" Music activates every region of the brain, that has so far been mapped; and we are now beginning to understand that music, more so than anything else, acts as a food or fuel for the brain. "  Daniel Leviton (click HERE to view the lecture)

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."      Bob Marley

When you sign up for lessons with WSMD, you are part of a community.  We want to nurture your music education by means of Workshops and Concerts, and the collective resources of all our tutors.

The benefits of FULL MEMBERSHIP of WSMD include

  • a range of highly trained and experienced tutors who work together sharing ideas and resources
  • free access to our Workshop Series
  • Concert Workshops in a small, informal setting to encourage performance skills and learn more about music studied.  Many students avail of the Concert Workshop to practice playing pieces in front of a small audience before an exam.
  • FREE Manuscript Book - ask your tutor about this 
  • a library of resources can be accessed through the office via your tutor.  These include exam books, music theory books and piano/guitar works.
  • Online lessons via Whereby, Zoom, or Skype

You can contact the office on info@wicklowmusicdrama.ie or 086 326 5820.

Office hours:  Weekday mornings

Please leave a message outside of office hours and we will get back to you the next working day.

Please contact us at 

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Tel: 086 326 5820  

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COVID-19 Update - tuition is available online.